Welcome to Rutgers Comp Lit’s online magazine!

Staffed and maintained by our graduate students, the magazine will bring you up to speed on what’s been happening in the program … nearly as quickly as it happens! Think of it as a kind of a newsletter, only much more nimble. We’ll feature news items, stories, links, plenty of photos, and, from time to time, excellent student essays in a section called Exit 9, the title of our former print journal. And twice a year we’ll be printing selections from the magazine for readers who prefer that medium.

So bookmark this page and check it often for updates. Or simply add us to your RSS feeds. Send your feedback to our founding digital coordinator, third-year grad student Shawn Doherty, who is responsible for everything you see and read here: RutgersCompLitMagazine@gmail.com.

Andrew Parker, Graduate Program Director